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ISO 9001:2015 accredited waterproofing company

NTE India Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly known as New Technology Engineers) a professionally managed ISO 9001:2015 accredited waterproofing company.
NTE India Pvt. Ltd is fully equipped with semi-mechanized tools to carry out large projects on turnkey basis since last 25 years. NTE India Pvt. Ltd is trusted by leading architects, consultants and developers in Mumbai, Delhi/NCR, Jaipur, Dehradun, Rohtak etc. for our unmatched expertise, quality assurance and technical support. We believe a unique solution without sustainability does not carry any importance. That’s why all or solutions in field of waterproofing, Strengthening repair and coating are unique and ensure endurance by performing in critical conditions.
NTE India Pvt. Ltd cater to the demand for waterproofing, PU Grouting, Epoxy injection grout, Expansion joints treatment, Structural strengthening, Repair & rehabilitation, retrofitting of civil structures, Epoxy/PU Flooring, Coatings and many more solutions related to constructive Solutions using the latest & most advance world class technology.
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Why Choose Us

We NTE India Pvt. Ltd   are committed to provide our clients one stop solution for all the constructive Solutions by offering specialized products from leading manufacturers and services in construction chemicals and architectural products to the Infrastructure and Real Estate industry. We focused on customer satisfaction and customer needs offering a wide range of Consulting Support and Services.

Service & Safety Standards

Our Company follow all safety standard and measures while working specially on high rise buildings to avoid any minor or major accidents. Accidents occurs due to the Equipment fault ,Construction site falls, Trench collapse, Crane failure We provide safety training for all employees ,hold frequent crew safety meetings, utilize protective clothing and gear, keep the workspace clean, maintain the equipment and tools falls, recognize the hazards and make a plan, be careful with vehicles etc.


Waterproofing of Terraces, basement, Podiums, STP Tanks, Swimming Pools etc.

Injection Grouting

Epoxy, Cementitious, Polyurethane, Acrylic

25+ Years Experience

Expansion Joints Treatments

Non-mechanical Expansion Joints Treatment

Structural Strengthening

Fcade & Rising Dampness Protection, Restoration.

Major Clients

Varied portfolio with client of all scales and nature of work spread across the country.